Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer evenings

The warmth from the day lingers and I settle on the deck. It has become a ritual. Listening to the crickets...all is quiet as the sun sets. I listen and hear clearly the small sounds of comfort. I hear the sound of a doe drinking in the barn, another munches her hay. The hens cluck in soft voices to each other as they settle on their perches for the night. 
The dogs lie at my feet, sighing with dog pleasures.  I am there.  All is well in their world.

Deeper and deeper sky blues and purples, shadows inky indigo, the light fades from the tips of the tallest pines on the ridge behind me.  

The robins like the twilight.  Their songs become more strident the darker it becomes. 
I count my blessings.  

...I have so much to be grateful for....

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