Saturday, April 16, 2011

...growing, GROWING, GROWING!!!!

I am so thrilled with the new greenhouse!  Look at those veggies GROW! These four large galvanized tubs are filled with rich potting soil, then planted with tomatoes, eggplants, squash, cucumbers and lettuce. I also planted some sweet allysum to encourage some beneficial insect visits as soon as the weather warms enough. The tubs are holding the moisture well so far.
 On the right side, more tomatoes (heirlooms) paired with a variety of peppers, and more lettuce.  The little three inch peat pots are planted with several kinds of seeds including some cilantro, peas, summer squash. They are starting to sprout now, but are still small.
Here is one of my big mixed planters.  I wonder if the squash will require more water than the tomato will, so this is an experiment. I know that eggplants and tomatoes grow well together :)

Tomorrow I will plant my little celery starts.  I tried some last year, but I really neglected them.  This year I will try harder!

It smells rich and sweet inside, it smells like spring!
We are one step closer to self~sufficiency...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Early morning greenhouse...

The new greenhouse handled the snow beautifully!  My tomato starts, cucumbers and eggplants were snug and warm, and the humidity inside made it downright balmy. Buddy the Barn Cat says, "HEY, I like hanging out in here!"


On Thursday we received a gift of beautiful fluffy snow!  We had about six inches in places, but it was nice powdery fluff, not much moisture, and it disappeared quickly.  This view shows Lucy's Pig Palace.  Lucy does not like the snow.

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Greenhouse!

We found this 8'x6' greenhouse at Lowes.  It has a nice sturdy frame and two doors for lots of ventilation. It took about an hour to assemble :)

Little Crow gives her approval!  So far I have planted tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, and squash. I will add peppers when I can find some.

Here is the garden,  ready to plant :)

Red Hen says....

"Do I look pretty with my leg up like this?"

The garden was the main focus this weekend.  I planted some lettuce and beets, some swiss chard seeds, some brussels sprouts, bought a new greenhouse....YES!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Spring!!

The day Rick proposed to me, he was seated on a garden bench surrounded by yellow buttercups. 
Every time I see the buttercups blossom, I will remember.

Frog Song

All of a sudden, it's spring!  Tonight as I write, the frogs are croaking wildly out in Pig Squeak Creek. They sound much bigger than the little tree frogs I usually hear.  The tree frogs are staying on the other side of the road , and these bigger frogs have taken over FiddleSong Farm territory. These bigger guys are not bull frogs (Shaun would know what they are.) Sudden noises or movements make them quiet, but they seem to love the sound of a Harley.  Go figure :) 
Every morning the birds wake me.  They are getting earlier and more musical every day.  In the evening, the robins sing until dark.  There is no better place to live in the entire world. Will I feed the hummingbird hoard this year?