Sunday, April 27, 2014 lessons....

This painting is untitled...still searching for just the right one...

Yesterday, I had a firm reminder of what I was not. I am almost sure that it was not intentional. But it made me think about and reaffirm for myself all the things that I am: 

I am quick thinking and bright.
I am energized by constant change.
I am kind and thoughtful~open minded.... 
I am a versatile artist driven to create.
I am fascinated with Nature...and am knowledgeable in the life sciences--biology, botany, physiology...ask me to identify your tree or shrub, ask me how to grow it, and tell you what is eating it.
I have a great job that I do very well and am richly rewarded for. 
I am deeply spiritual.

I have the courage to confront and shoot a lion, or to hold your hand while you are dying. 

I may not be a philosopher or a physics major, but I do have an interest in those things.
Never think that because I choose to be kind that I am weak or stupid. strength will surprise you.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

...everyday miracles...

This morning I woke early. 6:30 am.  Multiple rooster syndrome...but then the sun rose and just look at the view out my kitchen window!!! That is my garden with lilacs and lady banks roses in full bloom, and the plant in the wine barrel is Japanese kerria....


This wily hen thinks if she doesn't move we won't see her.

The scents of lilacs and roses mingle with a hint of cedar. The light angles in, spearing through the trunks of oaks, lighting patches of tiny wildflowers and tufts of grass. 
As I walk the hill with my goats, my heart fills with the songs of birds. 
I count the yellow dog-tooth violets as a meditation.
This is where I worship. 
Peace fills my soul.

...there is magic here....