Monday, August 20, 2012

Elephant tales...

Nancy Filippi, Managing Director of the Oakland Zoo identified my elephant. His name is Osh ;) How COOOOOOL is that??

Many thanks Nancy!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

August paintings....

This is a portrait of an African elephant who lives at the Oakland Zoo.  I loved the interesting skin textures, and the way the light plays off the trunk and ears. I added the contrasting color of the bright green foliage~ it really help to make the greys of the elephant's skin more interesting.

I recently learned of the PAWS organization, a performing animal sanctuary that is very near us. They rescue neglected or abused animals. I have asked if I could photograph their mountain lion. I would love to paint her! I hope they will consider it, it may turn out to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

My next painting is a beautiful finch on a butterfly bush, so far it is going well!  Tomorrow, I will be at Sutter Creek Gallery for the day.

Here is Whimsy waiting to be milked. (I see that she needs her hooves trimmed again :)  We are doing well with our daily milking ritual. I am getting plenty of delicious creamy milk, and I am making fresh cheese weekly in my kitchen. I am still learning, but I am enjoying the process AND eating the results!

...fresh chevre at FiddleSong Farm....