Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chickens LOVE lettuce!

Rain and sun showers

It was a GOOD day to stay in and snuggle in the straw. It is dark and cloudy and the rain is sheeting down. Chickens don’t like this kind of rain, nor goats, nor PIGGIES! My flowers like it, though, and I almost have a creek….I saw something unexpected on my drive to work. I have a neighbor up the hill a couple of miles who likes to walk his dog in the morning. This morning with the rain POURING down, I rounded the corner by his property and there he was with his dog~~and they were wearing matching raincoats!! You just don’t see dogs wearing clothes in Fiddletown…

Have you ever seen a sun shower? It is what I call that special, clear moment when there is a break in the clouds and the sun comes streaming through, (Shaun calls it a Sucker Hole:) but there is still rain falling. So if you are standing in just the right place it looks like it is raining drops of sunlight. The fresh scent of the woods when it rains is something I would love to capture in paint.

The robins come out this time of evening. They sing cheerful tunes. They love a big storm because the earthworms are crawling their slimy lengths out of the saturated soil moving to hopefully drier high ground. "A feast! A feeeeeast!," they sing.

Dearest Mother, I am so grateful for these gifts of Nature.