Thursday, April 25, 2013

...goodbye dear friend...

My pretty mom, Judy :)

I just spent seven days in Florida.  
It was a last minute decision, and boy was I glad that I went. Our dear family friend Mel Mountain passed away last week. SO sad. It still brings a heavy heart and big painful tears to my eyes to write about it. Mom and I were talking about him at Easter. We knew that he was fading, but we thought there would be more time.  He was just so sick.  My mom is the most tender-hearted friend. She would do anything for her friends. 
She told me that she and Dad would be traveling to Florida for his services.  
Thinking about it later, I asked myself, "How could I afford to go?" 
The answer came "How will you feel about yourself if you don't go?"
I asked "Will it be OK to take the time off work?" The answer came from my manager, Melody "Just let us know how we can help."
So when she called me in tears on Monday night, I told Mom that I was going along with them. Rick would watch their dog. I would be ready when they were. Three days later, we were flying across the Sierra Nevadas on our way to Tampa. 

My first time in Florida, but not my last. I stepped out of the airport into midnight scented, 80 degree warmth and humidity and immediately loved it. 
"Oh," I thought. "I get it. So this is why they choose to live here...."  
We drove to Brooksville that night in a drenching downpour, and when we finally arrived at the hotel, the night clerk asked, "Are you the Wetzels?"  The famous Southern hospitality ~ it is real. I woke to sunshine and singing birds.  The Spanish moss hung in lacy clusters from the oaks. There were pink drifts of wild phlox blooming alongside the highway. 
I felt like I had stepped into a Faulkner novel.  
I am the first one to admit that I am not a good traveler. I suffer. My stomach is tied in knots for days. I worry about not making the travel arrangements, not having my computer. (I am seriously getting a laptop.) I don't like the lack of privacy. I can't eat the way I want to....
But this was an important trip for me. 
I missed my friends and they were suffering far worse than I.  
My mom and dad are starting to feel their age, and they had lost one of their closest friends. One of their MARBLE PARTNERS.  It does not get any worse than that. 
They needed my calming presence.  They needed me. They needed me to referee :)
"FRED! Don't turn here...!"  
"Judy, stop yelling at me...." 

It was so good to see the Mountains. They are a close knit, strong family. They exude warmth and goodness. It was good to see them gathered together and supporting each other. They are those people who will always do the right thing for the right reasons.  
I love them all. And they love me :)

All you can do is ask for guidance and trust in the answers that you receive. And then take the keys, so you have some control.... :), I could have used a hug. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

...spring lambs...

So, on my home tonight I was driving along Pine Grove/Volcano Road listening to my music when I noticed a group of little dobermans(?) harassing my favorite sheep!! 
"WHAT!  NO WAY!!!"  I yelled. 
I quickly pulled over and drove back to the pasture, expecting to see dead sheep, or at least bloody ones. 
I was going to save sheep lives. 

I immediately realized that I was looking at a large new batch of lambs playing in the grass. There were several little black and tan ones (the min-pins) and they were all RUNNING like crazy, yelling all the way. "AWWWW!!" I said with a ...sheepish grin....and grabbed my camera.

SEEEE the little black and tan butts?

This ewe seemed to be very interested in what I was doing.  She came closer and closer to the fence where I was standing clicking away with my camera...and stamped her little hooves. 
OoooooOOOooo! I felt SO threatened!  
I laughed so hard...she was clearly baffled.  
"Look YOU," she seemed to say..."don't get any closer to my lamb!"
When I could stop laughing, I thought about her body language.  She was stiff legged and stared right into my eyes. Her ears were down, clearly annoyed. 
Definitely not a sheep to mess with! 
But just look at her dark brown wool and her lovely golden eyes.

Sooo, after you have had a good run with your lamb pals, you need some warm sheep's milk....

...then a bit of a nap.

...all is well at Red Barn farm....