Friday, April 12, 2013

...spring lambs...

So, on my home tonight I was driving along Pine Grove/Volcano Road listening to my music when I noticed a group of little dobermans(?) harassing my favorite sheep!! 
"WHAT!  NO WAY!!!"  I yelled. 
I quickly pulled over and drove back to the pasture, expecting to see dead sheep, or at least bloody ones. 
I was going to save sheep lives. 

I immediately realized that I was looking at a large new batch of lambs playing in the grass. There were several little black and tan ones (the min-pins) and they were all RUNNING like crazy, yelling all the way. "AWWWW!!" I said with a ...sheepish grin....and grabbed my camera.

SEEEE the little black and tan butts?

This ewe seemed to be very interested in what I was doing.  She came closer and closer to the fence where I was standing clicking away with my camera...and stamped her little hooves. 
OoooooOOOooo! I felt SO threatened!  
I laughed so hard...she was clearly baffled.  
"Look YOU," she seemed to say..."don't get any closer to my lamb!"
When I could stop laughing, I thought about her body language.  She was stiff legged and stared right into my eyes. Her ears were down, clearly annoyed. 
Definitely not a sheep to mess with! 
But just look at her dark brown wool and her lovely golden eyes.

Sooo, after you have had a good run with your lamb pals, you need some warm sheep's milk....

...then a bit of a nap.

...all is well at Red Barn farm....

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