Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hale road maples

Hale Road in autumn...

The oaks and maples have been the boldest, brightest fall colors that I have seen in ten years. Incredibly rich, powerful golds. The hills show brilliant patches mingled with pines. 

My conversation with myself: "Quinacridone gold with just a hint of alizarin",  I think out loud. "Maybe a little cadmium orange, not too much, or you will muddy the hue." "Too muddy and the light won't bounce the way you need it to. Now, add a few horses, and some mist for atmosphere."  Hmmmm, sounds like my next painting....

Today, the rains began. The little riparian creeks began collecting their pure, fresh wild water.  The pines began sipping, their roots plumping. The mosses on the trunks began greening. The oaks and maples released their jewel toned leaves to fall.

I am so grateful for today.  It made my heart sing.