Sunday, April 27, 2014 lessons....

This painting is untitled...still searching for just the right one...

Yesterday, I had a firm reminder of what I was not. I am almost sure that it was not intentional. But it made me think about and reaffirm for myself all the things that I am: 

I am quick thinking and bright.
I am energized by constant change.
I am kind and thoughtful~open minded.... 
I am a versatile artist driven to create.
I am fascinated with Nature...and am knowledgeable in the life sciences--biology, botany, physiology...ask me to identify your tree or shrub, ask me how to grow it, and tell you what is eating it.
I have a great job that I do very well and am richly rewarded for. 
I am deeply spiritual.

I have the courage to confront and shoot a lion, or to hold your hand while you are dying. 

I may not be a philosopher or a physics major, but I do have an interest in those things.
Never think that because I choose to be kind that I am weak or stupid. strength will surprise you.

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