Sunday, April 13, 2014

...everyday miracles...

This morning I woke early. 6:30 am.  Multiple rooster syndrome...but then the sun rose and just look at the view out my kitchen window!!! That is my garden with lilacs and lady banks roses in full bloom, and the plant in the wine barrel is Japanese kerria....


This wily hen thinks if she doesn't move we won't see her.

The scents of lilacs and roses mingle with a hint of cedar. The light angles in, spearing through the trunks of oaks, lighting patches of tiny wildflowers and tufts of grass. 
As I walk the hill with my goats, my heart fills with the songs of birds. 
I count the yellow dog-tooth violets as a meditation.
This is where I worship. 
Peace fills my soul.

...there is magic here....

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