Saturday, April 16, 2011

...growing, GROWING, GROWING!!!!

I am so thrilled with the new greenhouse!  Look at those veggies GROW! These four large galvanized tubs are filled with rich potting soil, then planted with tomatoes, eggplants, squash, cucumbers and lettuce. I also planted some sweet allysum to encourage some beneficial insect visits as soon as the weather warms enough. The tubs are holding the moisture well so far.
 On the right side, more tomatoes (heirlooms) paired with a variety of peppers, and more lettuce.  The little three inch peat pots are planted with several kinds of seeds including some cilantro, peas, summer squash. They are starting to sprout now, but are still small.
Here is one of my big mixed planters.  I wonder if the squash will require more water than the tomato will, so this is an experiment. I know that eggplants and tomatoes grow well together :)

Tomorrow I will plant my little celery starts.  I tried some last year, but I really neglected them.  This year I will try harder!

It smells rich and sweet inside, it smells like spring!
We are one step closer to self~sufficiency...


  1. Nice job, Wendy! How long are you planning to hold out on harvesting your peppers? Personally, I'm partial to the yellow & orange stages, for flavor reasons. Not clear on the nutritional differences & benefits along the range of ripening, or on the actual length of time it takes to reach each stage. Still, fresh, organic produce certainly has its appeal. I'm really tempted to start my own plot. Looking forward to pics of the harvest!

  2. I LOVE it! Smells like Spring. :) I have been craving a visit to Fiddlesong Farm!!! Can't wait to see you this Sunday.

  3. Felix you could do this! Just get a couple of whiskey barrels to start, drill some good sized drainage holes, place it in a sunny spot and put in some good potting soil. Wanna come up for Easter?