Friday, June 21, 2013

...celestial celebrations....

This gorgeous photo was found on the web-photographer unknown, but greatly appreciated.
What is it about the moon that is so intoxicating?  This Saturday night there will be a Super Moon…even during the most minor full moon I don’t sleep….I listen.                         On quiet nights on Fiddletown Road, sounds carry for long distances. Crickets and frogs, hunting packs of coyotes, deep-voiced great horned owls, big diesel trucks winding slowly up the curving road, the whizzzzz of a mosquito as it buzzes by your ear.
The soft rustle of the breeze in the tallest pines is a reminder of the night passing. You will often find me wrapped in Granny's quilt, sitting out on the deck, just listening.

....all is well.... 

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