Saturday, June 8, 2013

...practice, practice....

"Mossy Walnuts"

I practice watercolor painting. Not like a physician practices medicine, rather I practice because watercolor is part craft and part magic. The craft is all about the learned skills-how to use the tools, how to master a wash, saving light, which colors blend well together. The magic comes from within the artist.  It is in the choices she makes ~ the colors she chooses for spring grasses, the way she shapes a branch.  

Some paintings ~ the special ones ~ have an is as if a higher power speaks through eye or hand, guiding the efforts of the artist.

So I practice. I seek inspiration in my daily travels. I choose my special blends of colors. I use my pens and pencils to enhance line and texture and color.  And every time I paint, I wait in anticipation of that moment when I feel the guidance of something beyond the normal experience that turns it into magic. is born in the soul of the artist...

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