Wednesday, June 26, 2013

...more COLOR!

"Taylor in a Towel"

Sunday was the first day I have painted for several weeks.  Hey, I've been busy. I decided it was time to paint something summer-ish.  What could be more summer-ish than a smiling grandchild in a beach towel!? My daughter Rachel takes the most colorful and happy photos, so I like to STEAL them and make colorful and happy paintings! Thanks, Rach!!  Taylor will be entered in the Amador County Fair this year....this little painting will make people smile!

Seriously, portraits bring me the most joy. It is the one subject that I keep returning to whenever I need a lift. I love capturing the expressions most of all. I cannot say they are the easiest work, but they are by far the most satisfying. Children are engaging, and animals are just plain fun. I catch myself giggling while painting fur :)

Sometimes, I can go along for several weeks without wanting to paint~ it is like I am trying to work something out. I'll feel a sea change coming.  It is not always a comfortable feeling, it is just a little niggling at the back of my neck, I feel like I am forgetting something important. I feel listless, and bored. Then I will see an image...inspiration strikes and I can't wait to get in and start working!! 

I learned about saturated color while working with Casey White in Martinez during the eighties. I was putting a LOT of time in graphite and charcoal drawing, so color was not high on my priority list. When I saw her work at a local art show and met her, I knew she had knowledge that I needed. Her passion for rich, juicy color has stayed with me for all these years, and I am so grateful.  I used quite a lot of prismacolor pencil in this one. I love the vibrant colors in this portrait, and the love in Taylor's face just shines out of her eyes!

....Taylor gave this painting a "thumb's up" rating...


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    1. Not only did you capture her face perfectly, but the texture of the towel as well!
      (My first comment wasn't spelled correctly) LOL!