Monday, February 25, 2013

Autumn Wine...

"Autumn Wine"

 I live just fifteen minutes from the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley. The rolling vineyards cover the foothills, creating wonderful colors and shapes and textures. There is something elegant and rich about this growing industry.  Something that exudes wealth and tradition. The vines are carefully chosen and nurtured. They are hand pruned. Nothing is left to chance ~ they are given every opportunity to produce the most optimum fruit. The result is a wonderful variety of fine local wines.

This watercolor "Autumn Wine" is the first in a new series of paintings depicting the wine country. I naturally gravitate to autumn colors. Rich reds and vibrant golds are easily found in September and October here. I like the way the vines created shadows in the back-lit focal leaves. I loved adding the poultry wire with my pens!

....creating excitement with color!

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