Monday, February 11, 2013

FiddleSong Sunset....

 Jack greeted me at the gate with dog kisses and hugs. (Yes, he gives GREAT dog hugs.) The sunset was a soft lavender tonight. It was quiet and calm as I arrived, the house was dark. As I fed the animals and gathered eggs, I reflected on my lifestyle here. The rhythm is steady and calm. Peace giving. Nurturing. I feel anchored here, it is my safe harbor. 

I chose not to breed any of my does in the fall, thinking that I needed a break from the work all that entails.  But now I am sorely missing my delicious goat's milk, and there are no soft kid sounds in the barn. That is also part of the rhythm of this farm. 

For now, I am simply waiting for spring, and to see what happens next. 

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