Sunday, February 3, 2013 buddy Jack...

Boomerang Jack Rogers

Today, I am hanging out with my old buddy Jack. He is going on nine this year and he can still run with the big dogs. He still has coyote patrol duty every morning ~ he can still get up the hill as fast as a speeding goat ~ he still has that desire to play ball until he passes out.  But.  He's nine. His eyes are beginning to cloud. He never has had good hips, and now he has difficulty getting up. I think it hurts me as much as it does him. This is a loyal and trustworthy dog. He is great with the grandchildren, and loves to herd the chickens. This is a dog that would fight to the death for me, and I see the end approaching.

So today, while Rick is watching the Superbowl with his dad, I am sharing my good loaf of kalamata olive bread from Andre's, my sheep's milk cheese, and my portobello ravioli.  
I will paint and listen to my music, and he will lay by my feet and just enjoy being together. is good at FiddleSong Farm... :)

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