Monday, December 9, 2013

...impact tremors...

I am constantly surprised that the most casual events can cause such long reaching effects.  Friday night it snowed. It was beautiful!!! Saturday was an extraordinary day. It was colorful and interesting and...unexpected :)
Sunday morning I was thrilled to see the sun.  There were 12 inches of snow in some places and I pulled on my Mucks, grabbed my camera, and headed up the hill. My dogs were as excited as I was! They love the snow. I took 75 reference photos. The sunlight cast prisms of sparkling diamond colors, and rich periwinkle shadows. I know that there is a Wendy painting in there somewhere....

This coming Saturday, I am going to be at the Heritage Oaks Winery holiday arts and crafts event in Lodi. I will be selling  original watercolors, prints, cards, and painted glass. I am looking forward to it and already thinking about how many layers I will need to wear... you believe in divine appointments?

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