Friday, December 6, 2013

"Early Rising"

"Early Rising"

This little painting was inspired by a soulful experience during the November full moon. I had just arrived home from work after a very difficult day. I was tired and in very low spirits. My head ached and my feet were complaining. I pulled into the driveway and the house was lonely and dark. I climbed out to open the gate, turned and gasped!  The moon was in full, luminous splendor! I was enthralled. I could see every needle on every pine tree in silhouette. I could make out the very tiniest tips of the oak branches. I stood for long minutes just soaking in that magical light ~I felt my dark mood draining away, and my soul's battery recharging. 

Of course I didn't sleep that night...I rarely do during the full cycle...but I don't know anyone who has ever died from lack of sleep... ;) Thank you to my new friend (and art critic) Gordon for his suggestion for the is perfect.

...I must paint those moments that take my breath away....

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