Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thyroid cancer update

Today, my surgeon called me to tell me good news. My biosy tests were all negative for cancer cells. (My PET scan showed one tiny spot in my neck, which is what was biopsied.) "Well, I guess we didn't make any money off you this time!" he said with a smile in his voice. I am ecstatic! I could not have received a better gift before Thanksgiving.

For ALL of us cancer warriors, we know how frightening that battery of tests can be. We try to "read" the expressions on the faces of the nuclear medicine techs. We play over and over the questions they asked us before and after our scans. Of course some of us have UBER-imaginations (which normally make our lives a little more interesting) in this case, we imagine every possible horrible scenario. For us thyroid cancer survivors, we have the added pleasure of being taken off our meds for four or more weeks. If you have experienced this, you know why we call it "hypo hell." This time around, I had a few more weapons in my battle to combat Fear:

  • I wrote in my journal EVERY night.

  • I tried to maintain my routine. Even something as simple as doing dishes made me feel a little more in control. It also really helped to make a list of what I did during the day.

  • I tried to keep busier, even when my depleted thyroid levels made it harder to do EVERYTHING.

  • I helped the doctor organize my testing schedule, which kept from dragging things out too long. I also knew which questions to ask this time.

  • I ate a little healthier and tried to get fresh air and exercise every day.

  • I made sure that I had a sleep aid on hand to help me rest better.

  • Music helps.

  • Prayer helps ;) "Please God, just help me get through the next few hours..."

I have been back on my thyroid supplement for two weeks today. I still have a couple of weeks to climb before I am back to "normal". I have SO MUCH to be thankful for this year :)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING friends....be well.

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  1. YESSSS!!! You kicked butt AGAIN! We all love you!