Sunday, November 22, 2009

First harvest

Pink Ladies! I just brought in my apple crop. OK, even though I knew these were my favorite apple variety before I tasted these, they are BY FAR the BEST apples I have ever eaten. This is the first year my apple tree has produced (she is four years old) and I only got eighteen apples, but they are DELICIOUS! They are sweet and crisp with just the right tang to them, and I ate one cold right out in the garden. The sweet juice was dripping down my chin-- I can't wait to share these with my grandkids!

I strive for organic produce. My goatberries do a great job fertilizing for me, so as long as I can keep my goats out of my garden, they make a GREAT addition to this way of life. My little dairy goats are way easier on my fences and my back than my big pushy Nubians were--so far so good :)

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