Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

AHHHH! I am still full. I truly love Thanksgiving with all of our traditional recipes: Roasted Turkey (a drumstick for me, please :), bread crumb dressing with mushrooms and celery, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, fresh dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, and especially our pies! Mom always makes two yummy pumpkin pies, and I usually bring an apple pie and a pecan pie. (If you do the math here, that adds up to four pies for seven people:) We have always made this particular dinner from scratch--no shortcuts for us! REAL gravy made from the turkey drippings, and real potatoes that were peeled and cooked and mashed (I always get this job.) No stuffing from a box, no potato flakes. No canned green beans. No pre-made pie crusts. Maybe it is all the extra love and care that goes into the making of this meal that makes it taste so special!

Mom does an excellent job decorating her home for the holidays. The table is set with her beautiful pink and white transferware, and she uses fabric and placemats for added color and texture. She always has the loveliest arrangement for her centerpiece. This year she added a large turkey planter that I have begun to covet. (This was something that she found at the Hospice thrift shop just a few minutes before I came in looking for this EXACT turkey!!) I just happened to stop at Hospice that day and went in for the express purpose of finding a turkey for my Thanksgiving display. I KNEW the minute that I saw him on her table that she bought him there!! (Mom has always had a knack for being in the right place at the right time. CRAP!) I actually did find a small turkey that day that I was perfectly tickled with, until I saw Mom's specimen...

All of the animeaux receive a special Thanksgiving treat too. Lucy the Pig got some juicy fresh red-flame grapes, the fowl ate the leftover green salad, the dogs got extra cookie treats and the cats had tuna. The goats love apple treats (for horses,) and they chew, chew, chew them with a little drool and a goatie smile.

All souls were satisfied at FiddleSong Farm.

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