Tuesday, March 12, 2013

...juncos...cheeeep entertainment.


I have two house cats. Sissy and Tubby. Sisters from the same litter. I raised them ~they were born on my sofa. 
Tubby is purry and vocal. LOVES to be petted. Slightly neurotic.

Sissy is aloof. Sissy has rules. Sissy will allow you to pet her ~while she stands on the bathroom counter.  ONLY.  If you make a mistake, she might bite.

Sissy and Tubby are house cats because the outside cats pick on them. 
They are spoiled rotten. I buy them wheat grass from Raley's.  
I think of ways to entertain them in case they are bored....

This weekend I spent in the studio. Sissy and Tubby sat in the window sill and watched. It was a nice sunny day, but they didn't choose to go out on the deck. 
They looked bored. 
So, I found some stale bread and tore it into tiny pieces. I took it outside and lined the deck railing with them. While I painted, Sissy and Tubby were slightly entertained by several juncos who hopped around the deck railing eating the bread. 

...I like dogs.

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