Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sutter Creek weekend...

Sutter Creek is hopping this weekend, friends! It is their official opening to the Christmas Season. Sutter Creek is a special place to visit during this time of year. The local merchants are very creative, and work hard to make sure everyone has a wonderful experience. People dressed in Victorian costumes, music ~everyone wears smiles.

I will be manning the Sutter Creek Gallery on Sunday from 10 to 5 and I can't wait!  I love busy days. I stopped by the Gallery today. There were some boy scouts selling mistletoe.  I bought THREE bags. A girl can never be too prepared. 

It was a beautiful sunny day~ crisp and smoky~just the way I like it. On my way home today, I decided to take the scenic route from Sutter Creek. I drove up Shake Ridge and cut over on Hale Road. It was inspirational. The leaves are coming down, and the damp forest smells sweetly of pine and cedar. There is a creek in the bottom of the canyon that I splash across, pausing to roll down my windows to listen to the music in the water. It is very quiet there, and the light is soft and misty.

...all is well, friends

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