Thursday, December 6, 2012



This cow and calf live with their herd on Ostrom Road.  I happened upon them one Sunday afternoon while eating my lunch.  I had bought a slice of pizza at Pokerville Market and had pulled over to enjoy the sunshine near these cows. They were as interested in my pizza as I was!  I enjoyed their presence so much, that I snapped a few reference photos of the different individuals just for fun.  I didn't know there was a painting in this until I was admiring my shots on the computer. How surprised and excited I was that my camera caught these beautiful shadow patterns on their coats!
In this painting I experimented with my composition some by placing the tree directly in the center of the painting and "anchoring" the cow and her nursing calf to it. It's funny how little real black there was on this cow's coat, it was mostly reflective blues and reds. Lots of pen and ink and Prismacolor pencil in this painting.  The original hangs in Sutter Creek Gallery, giclee prints are available.

It was misty and cool today. There is a Japanese maple at work that has the most gorgeous crimson leaves.  (In the summer I plucked several of it's seedlings from its shadow.  They grow in small pots until they are large enough to plant in my garden.) Each day, when I pass it by, I choose one of the leaves to enjoy in my office cubicle. I have quite a collection of leaves right now.  I can't seem to resist the impulse to rescue fallen leaves. Their beautiful shapes help me get through the day.  As I walk through the casino, I am often seen carrying a leaf, now.  I am sure that nobody sees this as unusual behavior....

I am enthralled by Nature....

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