Saturday, May 25, 2013

...Gemini issues....

Yes, I know, it looks like a Wendy painting. :)

May is my birth month, and this year I am officially turning the age of 
"Old Enough to Know Better." 

Geminis are touted to be "ever youthful and fun", creative and clever, and of course, there is that all important battle between the light and the dark. 
So far, the light side is winning ~so far.

So when I opened my birthday gift from my Mom, who looks amazing, it included a bottle of Rapid Wrinkle Repair cream.  LMAO!  Yes, she is a Gemini, too. She is creative and clever and all those things. HA, HA, HA, Mom.... 

...rule #3 is "NEVER lose your sense of humor."


  1. Happy Birthday month, Wendy! ...and yes it does look like a Wendy painting!

    I think I need the industrial strength wrinkle remover. I'm turning sixty in October!

    1. LOL! I remember telling my Grandmother (Mom's mom) when she turned my age..."Don't worry, Grandma. If you smile a lot, at least your wrinkles will all be in the right places." Maybe that was bad Karma?!