Sunday, March 20, 2011's Spring?!

"Hey, Rick, this is your neighbor Cecil.  Did you guys know there is a tree across your fence?  Looks like your goats could get out."  The message was left on our voice mail.  Thank heaven for good neighbors :)

We had a surprise snow storm that started Friday and has not let up since. It was a surprise because the weather lady said the snow was going to be "up around the 5000' level."  Uh huh.  (I TOLD you they are just guessing.) We had 6 inches in the first hour ~ just enough to make the roads ugly. Then Saturday it snowed and melted all day, until sundown, then a HOWWWWWLING wind kicked up and lasted until about 4 am Sunday morning  I know, because I was awake listening to it.
I kept thinking, "Boy, it is a good thing I didn't get that greenhouse put up yet...." We rarely get high winds in our area.
The good news is that the tree that took out our fence was from across the road :) The snow had been washed away for the most part by the time I got up.  So then we had squish.  You know mud mixed with slush = squishy, slimy, squelchy slippery. Give me nice firm snow any day.

Pig Squeak Creek (River?)

So Rick and I hauled on our boots and heavy jackets and trekked up the hill to look at THE DAMAGE. Oh good, more fence mending. I found the broken section. As I stood and waited for Rick to return from his inspection of the rest of the property, the snow continued to fall. It is quiet in our woods.  As I rested and waited, the wild birds started to come out of their hiding places and busily began their hunting and exploring.  There was a Towhee, several Juncos and a warbler of some sort. These happy winged people didn't mind that it was snowing and cold.  They busily checked every leaf and twig, their soft chirps and cheerful trills filled up the silence of the snowy forest. Soon, it will be time for nesting and rearing chicks.  Soon, the snow and rain will make way for lush spring growth, green and fragrant. The trees will flower and leaf....soon!
It is snowing again, but Spring is coming, I can't wait!


  1. I thought it was always warm and sunny in California! Daffodils in the snow is such a sad sight.-At least the cold and snow doesn't linger as long in March..
    I visited your website and I LOVE your artwork!

  2. Uh oh, don't let Lucy's pig bath wash down the river. ;)

  3. WAAAHAHAHAH!! I doubt if she would go after it :)

  4. Hi, Wendy! Nice to see you blogging again...I always enjoy your posts!