Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

The written word has always been so important to me. The physical act of putting your wishes into words, then writing them, empowers those thoughts--adds a touch of magic. I have seen in my journals many instances where I have written down my goals and dreams, then found these goals have been realized. So it is VERY important to write out my goals for the New Year!
  1. Make healthier meals for my husband and myself. One of my chief complaints about how we eat is that we are so hungry when we get home that we rush to eat whatever we find in front of us! This is a BIG challenge.
  2. Schedule more time for art. I need time to sketch and paint every week. I also want to get my work into more shows and spend more time promoting my art! My friends need to know what I do, and sometimes I am shy about telling them. I am very proud of my work! (See my paintings at
  3. Find the energy for exercise. Now that I feel more confident about my health, I don't have an excuse NOT to :)
  4. Get Rick out of the house. He loves to travel, I don't. He NEEDS more travel time....

OK, this is a good start! I'll let you know how we do....

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